FOREX FarEast       " Tradeing in long term and go and to sleep well"

Who am I:

I met with the FOREX early in 2006. At that moment i "fallen in love" with. Traded on different kind forex companies' demos and live accounts as well. The success would not come easy but finally i became a full time trader and long term trading robots developer as well. Of course it took time. When i type these letters it is December 2018. Very lot of practice, observation, brokers' tests and so on was stoned this long road. During the past 12 years i was must to recognise, the long-term trading is the essence of the stock market. This motivated me to invent long-term trader robots whats are compensating some from each other losses. I never felt and said "i have a mission", i had and have aims. My Aims were and still is to give useable trading tools into the hands to my fellow traders who willingly wish to use them.

Also it was a long road to choose a proper financial services company to trade with. I did try many of them and finally stuck at a company which services, communications deposits and withdrawals, accounting and backoffice works and mainly the costumer service and the continous reformation for their traders' partners' benefit, do not talk about their social responsibility and more tha 55 different kind of winned awards, this is for my the COMPANY below, the:

.... and i am the :

              of FOREX