FOREX FarEast       " Tradeing in long term and go and to sleep well"


Dear Visitor, if you read these sentences that can means you are interesting for the Spot Forex Market or you lost you way in the internet World. In any case you have to know that the Spot Forex Market is the most dangerous market all around the World. At the same time this one is the most honest and equally reachable markets for everybody from us (individual traders) to the national banks, big investment firms, founds, pension founds, mercantile banks or anybody else who wants to invest and risk it's own money. This is the most volatile market with about 4-5 trillions of USD daily turnover.  That is why it is so unpredictable, and all the participant can loose the invested money or more, depend on the contract has with the broker company. I here WARNING everybody from the individual trader like me, till the big "gambler" that we can loose all of our invested money, so we can invest our RISK CAPITAL only. The risk capital is that amount of money if we loose that not jeopardize our and our family daily life stile and do not jeopardize any kind of found, investment firm etc. to go in bankruptcy.

    Everywhere the market works since

80:00 till 16:00 H. according to local time.






  As we can see below, there are some "overlapping" between the main Stoch Exchange Centers. It means for us, the VOLATILITY can be higher than if one market works only. Moreover the macroeconomical datas of the countries has impact to the volatility. You find below the Economic Calendar, you must to change for the actual date and time for your local zone. The power of the impact indicated by the buffalows' head.

More buffalo head means more powerful impact to the actual currency.

        Forex Markets Time Overlappings